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Custom Realtor & Real Estate Website Design & SEO Chicago

"I would be happy to recommend Paul Cox and The Agent House, highly, to anyone who needs or wants custom website design and a knowledgeable back office webmaster. His skills at such things as optimization, design concepts, client interfacing and overall knowledge of internet based marketing are unmatched. My business and web presence has grown exponentially since i left a template-type, prepackaged services company and retained The Agent House as my dedicated IT provider.

He functions as a "go-to-guy" for the entire company and always does so with a cheerful demeanor. Solidly, the best cost/return ratio of any investment I've made in my businesses to date. We now enjoy superior Search Engine placement and have seen a significant uptick in new business from literally around the world. Phenomenal work for which we are extremely grateful."

Matt Parker
Utah Horse Properties

Thank you so much for all the hard work you did on my site. It looks great!!! I was with another company for a year with no leads what so ever. This sounds too good to be true but on the second day my site was up with The Agent House I got my first lead. Wow, I should have come over to The Agent House a long time ago. Thank you again and the site looks great but most importantly it is working as a lead generator like it should.

Jennifer Miller
Keller Williams Tampa, FL

I forgot to tell you that the person who recommended you from Advanced Access called me for feedback a while ago. I told him that you have a very pleasant personality dealing with clients and also you are very professional. There is never an issue that you cannot address and offer a solution. Also, I told him that it is worth it to recommend you to all their clients since you go the extra mile doing your job. I hope it helps. You can ask him.

Let's keep in touch.


Nancy Remedios
GMAC Miami Lakes, FL

Looks awesome!

Greg Crum
Watson St. Augustine Beach, FL

I like it a lot. It looks Great!!!

Agnes Baldyga
Coldwell Banker Schaumburg, IL

I was perusing the Website this morning and all I can say is “WOW!” I think it has really shaped up and am really happy with the results. Thanks for all your hard work.

Bob Dohn
Coldwell Banker Schaumburg, IL


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